Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spring Has Sprung Summer Bamboo Collection 2014

When one thinks of Bamboo they are heralded back to the iconic design in the American house hold of memories of bamboo themed home decor which evoke exotic holidays, relaxing scenes in foreign lands, colonial lifestyles of the early 1900's. The fact is Bamboo in the East has connotations of luck , strength and eco-friendly daily use.

In Modern day I have taken the concept of Bamboo and molded it in its most literal way of holding things together. Thomas Fuchs Creative Spring 2014 Bamboo Barware Collection, exclusively at Saks Fifth Ave, is a representation of hand made , hand hammered & hand tied barware collection that is not only beautiful but is a true representation of how bamboo is used in the Asian Continent.

We invite you to enjoy pictures of our collection and people who too have been inspired by bamboo in their design.

Thomas Fuchs Creative Bamboo Barware Collection at Saks.com

  Hand Hammered Silver Plated Bamboo Ice Bucket

    Mother of Pearl Inlay Cheese Board